Ron Paul Warns "We Can't Continue To Run The World" | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Ron Paul Warns "We Can't Continue To Run The World"

Sputnik: Donald Trump has been in office for over a year. What is your general assessment of his job as president?

Ron Paul: Mediocre; probably not worse than the other options. But I don't think presidents really have much control. I think the deep state – the people behind the scenes and the shadow government, who control the monetary system, who control our foreign policy and the welfare state, and are connected to the media and the military-industrial complex. – I don't think the presidency is as important as it's made out to be. But everybody talks about it; it's a political thing, and they keep churning the issue and directing everybody to ask 'is Trump a good guy or a bad guy, and are we going to impeach him or what's going to happen', rather than [asking] what kind of philosophy do we have: why do we have this philosophy of welfare-warfare, spend money, run up debt and let the central bank print all that money.

They don't even talk about it; the major parties, including Trump, they sign even more controls on us when it comes to FISA courts and spying on us. In spite of the fact that government officials like the FBI and others actually spy on our own president, he supports this; he passes and signs bills on that. So that really raises questions about 'does the president really have much to say', and I think he has much less to say than a lot of people believe. I believe that if he had stuck to his guns and had a different relationship with Russia and started bringing troops home and not aggravating things, he wouldn't have been tolerated. Something would have happened.


Ron Paul Warns "We Can't


Ron Paul Warns "We Can't Continue To Run The World"

(*That's what Candidate Trump seemed to be insinuating , so I voted for him
President Trump isnt delivering on that promise , and for close to a year , now , I've been amazed at how those around me keep insisting Trump Needs My Support , every bit as much as he did in 2016 .
Fool me once; Goldman/Sachs into the treasury
Fool Me Twice Generals into The Pentagon
Fool Me Again; 60 Patriot Missles Into Syria
Again MOAB Into Afghanistan
I've lost count , but in my case it was G/S and The Generals that got me to account for my own shame .
Everybody else must have the patience of Job !)

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