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Europe Renews Tariffs On Chinese Steel Pipes As High As 72%

As the world watches breathlessly if Trump will follow through with his threat to slap steel and aluminum import tariffs, Europe continues to quietly ratchet up its own trade war with China and nobody seems to mind.

On Tuesday, as China was trying to define its future trade relations with the US, it was delivered a broadside from the European Commission after Brussels announced it had renewed tariffs on Chinese steel imports, some as high as 71.9%, saying producers in France, Spain and Sweden face a continued risk of imports from China at unfairly low prices. Ironically, that's the same thing that Trump is saying.

The original measures, imposed last April, saw Europe setting anti-dumping duties on imports of hot-rolled flat steel products from China at a higher rate than the preliminary tariffs already in place. The European Commission explained it had set final duties of between 18.1% and 35.9% for five years for producers including Bengang Steel Plates, Handan Iron & Steel and Hesteel. This compared with lower provisional rates in place of 13.2 to 22.6%, following a complaint by EU producers ArcelorMittal, Tata Steel and ThyssenKrupp.



These is just another obstacle of China's OBOR...

Tian Shan

(One Belt One Road) Initiative.

Kazakhstan has really f'd up roads (a wrinkle in OBOR's transportation). Russia has kind of a "meh" attitude. And unless there's a proprietary interest in other countries, the land route, I think, will be problematic, especially with economic instabilities within the countries China wants to travel through--not to mention (which I just did) with the U.S. govt meddling and terrorizing countries that do business with a rival that they fear.

This tariff that Trump proposes is more arm-twisting by the U.S. govt: a weak, scared bully that doesn't have much going for it anymore except for pompous threats of terrorism if no one listens to what's dictated to them. You know, kind of like that shitty little isreal.

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