Where Is the Democratic Outrage Over Trump's Illegal Attack on Syria? | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Where Is the Democratic Outrage Over Trump's Illegal Attack on Syria?

President Donald Trump's decision to carry out a series of airstrikes on Syrian government chemical weapons facilities on Friday, April 13, may signal a new front in the US wars in the Middle East. Although Democrats have largely opposed the strikes, too many in the Democratic Party continue to react to Trump through the lens of American exceptionalism -- a belief in the myth of the unique righteousness of the United States. This approach is destined to enact domestic and foreign policy based on oppression, rather than justice.

Instead of centering an endorsement of (or opposition to) military action, the Democratic Party should base its foreign policy on a holistic, anti-imperialist approach that would resonate with voters in the US and scale back the harms of US militarism abroad. This vision would not be welcomed by the Party establishment. Rather, it would have to come from leftist activists wresting control from the centrist, corporate wing of the Democratic Party that benefits from a state of never-ending war.

Many people in the US, including elected Democrats, appear unsure as to what exactly the new US policy in Syria entails. When Trump gave his prepared remarks on Friday evening, he initially seemed to be announcing an open-ended campaign against the government of Bashar al-Assad, following the suspected use of chemical weapons by Assad's military on April 7. "We are prepared to sustain this response until the Syrian regime stops its use of prohibited chemical agents," Trump said. About an hour later, Secretary of Defense James Mattis described a much more limited approach, calling the attack wave a "one-off."