Global Warming Disorder is a Serious Mental Disease | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Global Warming Disorder is a Serious Mental Disease

One would not normally ignore a herd of stampeding elephants headed your way yet that is exactly what we are doing in terms of cold climate change, which is already overrunning Canada and great parts of the United States, Europe, Russia and parts of China.

It was the 20th of April and 90 percent of Canada was still covered with snow as was 25 percent of the continental United States. “We are in uncharted territory for winter snow remaining,” say meteorologist Jerry Shields. These are “historic numbers.” It is now May first and we are still having winter storms in the continental United States and freeze warnings for eastern KY and for parts of eastern Ohio and WV.

To the mentally handicapped, seriously hypnotized, heavily conditioned populations at the hands of preposterous dishonest media organizations, and for Democrats in general, this all sounds like global warming and the hottest year on record. All of these types of people suffer from the hallucination that the sun has no influence on the weather down here on planet earth when every scientist knows it does. The sun is going into hibernation for at least a few decades and that means big trouble for us. Thus, it is not preposterous to diagnose global warming disorder as a serious mental disease that will have wide nutritional consequences including starvation and death.