Ships and their flags | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Ships and their flags

1. Mavi Marmara passenger Flagged in Turkey

2. Sofia cargo ship Flagged in Greece

3. Gazza 1 cargo ship Flagged in Turkey

4. Gazza 2 cargo ship Flagged in Turkey

5. Spendoni passenger Flagged in Greece

6. Challenger 1 Flagged in U.S.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Okay, this is a confirm. Israel has committed an act of war against a US flagged vessel, and Obama's reaction is "We are studying the situation." Ever ready to spill American blood in nations that have not actually attacked us such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran President Barack Obama stands obediently mute and impotent before Israel like the good little Tel Aviv slave he is. Other world leaders have blasted Israel and demanded their citizens back, or else and Israel has started sending back those citizens, while nine Americans as of this writing remain inside Israel's prison.

We are all Palestinians now.