Mossad chief says, Israel is a burden to US | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Mossad chief says, Israel is a burden to US

Smarter people than me say that the lobby has become institutionalized; and that good journalists like my old friend Fred Hiatt are caught up in it not out of ideological commitment but because in Washington it's the water everyone who cares about his/her career swims in. I bet Bill Keller operates that way? Barack Obama? Walter Russell Mead? And the sad thing about the institutional lobby is that its liberal exponents, having checked their values/judgment at the coatcheck some time back, will just roll along with it till they really are dern sure that the rules have changed. Whereas a guy like David Remnick or Peter Beinart, they are more genuine in their degree of pro-Israel feeling, I think they're actually Zionists; they bought it long ago, and therefore they're more supple when they see Zionism exposed as supremacism.