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Together Against Trump: national demonstration

The demonstration against Trump is a crucial opportunity to make a stand against Trump's and May's agressive and war-mongering policies, which are spreading enormous misery and chaos across large areas of the world. A mass demonstration can greatly weaken the murderous "special relationship". We are urging all our supporters to take either half a day or a whole day off work to make sure they come to the demonstration.

5 things you can do to build the national demonstration:
• Leaflet about it in your college, on your high street, etc. Contact the office at to get the leaflets.
• If you're outside of London book a coach to get to the demo by 2pm.
• Pass a resolution in your union branch and/or political organisation.
• Organise a public meeting about Trump and war as part of our tour.
• Invite all your friends to the Facebook event page.