'When are You Going to Resign?' Merkel Slammed by AfD in First Parliament Q&A | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

'When are You Going to Resign?' Merkel Slammed by AfD in First Parliament Q&A

What was planned to be an attempt to make debates in the Bundestag (Germany's national legislature) great again has left lawmakers unsatisfied with Angela Merkel’s answers and an absence of discussion, as questions were raised about the recent refugee bribe scandal, migration crisis and her resignation.

Germany’s first "Chancellor's Question Time" in the country’s parliament, the Bundestag, has brought Angela Merkel under cross-questioning from both her coalition partners and opposition parties. Over the course of 65 minutes, the Chancellor methodically answered 32 questions in front of her fellow lawmakers, allotting 60 seconds for the questions and 60 seconds for answers, without follow-up questions.

Alternative for Germany (AfD), Germany's largest parliamentary party in opposition to the grand coalition of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Social Democrats (SPD), grilled Merkel on her migration policy, international affairs and the economy. However, the strict procedure dictated that the Chancellor leave some questions unanswered. AfD representative Gottfried Curio asked the long-time Chancellor: “When are you going to resign?" and insisted that she was responsible for rapes, knife attacks and rise of terror in Germany.