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US Troops in Niger Should Not Be Fighting, Says President

In an interview with the Guardian, Nigerien President Mahamidou Issoufou said that he does not want US or other foreign troops fighting on the ground in Niger, and that such troops should limit their actions to training and intelligence-gathering.

Issoufou discussed the ongoing war on terror in western Africa’s Sahel, saying it will take years to finish, comparing it to the Syria and Iraq fight. He said foreign allies should do more to help the local militaries in the region fight for themselves.

The US has a substantial number of troops in Niger, a fact revealed after troops were ambushed last year and four were killed. The US also built a large drone base in Niger, despite substantial opposition within Niger to the US presence.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is painfully apparent, that Nigerian President Issoufou is not quite getting from the Americans what he was actually hoping to get.

But this is absolutely the usual routine of the American government when it has its troops in foreign countries, and this is done to expropriate natural resources in those countries, and insure that said resources are only sold in US dollars.