FDA Lies About Kratom Again to Foster Opioid Epidemic | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

FDA Lies About Kratom Again to Foster Opioid Epidemic

If the F.D.A. were truly interested in protecting Americans, it would limit the use of fentanyl to hospital settings and palliative care, as it had done prior to the opioid crisis. Furthermore, it would take no offense in people using a centuries-old herb with no confirmed overdoses or severe reactions, and accept it as the viable alternative that it truly is. To those who are already aware that the F.D.A. is nothing but a front operation for corporate cartels, its latest 'guidance' will be of no surprise. For people who have been on the fence, the agency's non-common-sensical diatribe will likely serve to push them further toward the side of outrage. Like most of our elitist Washington, D.C. institutions, the Food and Drug Administration seems to be staffed with tone-deaf bureaucrats, who barely have the skills required to continue manipulating the public. We can expect even more draconian enforcement to be called upon to keep people in line, or at least afraid, since the F.D.A. is evermore less convincing in winning hearts and minds. The truth may take shackles and a beating, but eventually, it always prevails.