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Davis resignation: Hubristic Number 10 overplayed its hand

The May loyalist genius – in this context I use the word genius sarcastically – who decided that it was a clever idea to ritually humiliate Cabinet Brexiteers at Chequers doesn’t look so clever now.

Around Chequers it was briefed that ministers would be fired if they dared step out of line. It was briefed – wrongly it turns out – that cards carrying the number of a taxi firm (Astons, defunct) were on the hall table. Hilariously, it was added that a new generation of Tories was ready to take the place of any old fart resigning. The implication was that the talented next generation of Tories, who May refused pointedly to promote earlier this year remember, are somehow pro-May. Er, no.

This strutting was high-handed hubris in action from Number 10, treating Cabinet ministers like naughty children. In the end, it helped hasten the late night resignation on Sunday of David Davis, the Brexit Secretary. He had been pondering his resignation for a while, but had decided to try one last effort at Chequers – one last fight and heartfelt plea – in an attempt to get May to change course and to be more robust with the EU. Britain will not be truly self-governing under the May proposal, he believes.