American Jewish Anti-Occupation Advocacy Needs To Go Global | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

American Jewish Anti-Occupation Advocacy Needs To Go Global

Two months after the U.S. Embassy officially moved to Jerusalem, the President of the Czech Republic, Miloš Zeman, hosted AIPAC, America’s largest pro-Israel lobby at an official event in the national palace. There, he called on his government to follow in the footsteps of President Trump and move the its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. AIPAC’s presence at the event was no coincidence: the “pro-Israel” lobby, primarily known for supporting it’s right-wing policies, has long engaged in extensive efforts to cultivate ties and exert influence outside of the United States. Its recent delegation to the Czech Republic was just one example.

Indeed, AIPAC — along with many other institutions that claim to represent North American Jewry — has supported the Israeli government’s attempts to deepen and normalize the occupation for decades, through “pro-Israel” lobbying both in the U.S. and internationally. These organizations have long understood that to maintain the political conditions that enable the Israeli government’s policy of occupation, it is not enough to lobby U.S. officials — they must lobby international governments as well.