Israel wants to break Gaza once and for all | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Israel wants to break Gaza once and for all

A nation ranked the eighth most powerful in the world has tightened the medieval siege it has imposed on a population of mainly refugees, half of them children, for more than a decade.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Monday that his government would close Gaza’s sole commercial crossing, preventing all exports from and imports to the territory, with the exception, at Israel’s discretion, of food and medicine.

Gaza fishermen, who already contend with Israeli navy fire while earning their bread, are now confined to sailing six nautical miles out to sea, rather than the nine that were permitted by Israel for the season.

The stated reason for the Israeli move is the ongoing rebellion among the two million Palestinians it has effectively imprisoned, in partnership with Egypt, in a densely populated strip of land roughly the size of Chicago.

Israel, a nuclear power outfitted with the world’s most sophisticated fighter jets and weaponry, is increasingly frustrated that it has been unable to stop the flaming kites and balloons that have been launched by Palestinians in Gaza.