New $32 Million US Military Logistics Hub in Kuwait Nearly Finished | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

New $32 Million US Military Logistics Hub in Kuwait Nearly Finished

The US Air Force is on the verge of completing construction of yet another military logistics facility in the Middle East, dubbed appropriately “Cargo City.” The airfield will support the US’ military operations in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, the goals and end dates of which remain elusive.

Adjacent to Kuwait International Airport, US crews have dug through Kuwaiti soil to install new communications cables and antenna systems that will enable both the US and Kuwaiti air forces to operate out of Cargo City, which will be the main aerial debarkation point in the Middle East, the US Air Force's 386th Expeditionary Wing announced in a July 5 news release.

The construction of the $32 million logistics hub has taken place during a time of "massive expansion" at Kuwait International Airport, the release notes.

Still, the service plans for the airfield to be its major Middle East logistics hub for transporting supplies, personnel and equipment to and from regional military theaters only until 2023, at which point the service says it will shift to the West Al-Mubarak Air Base, also part of the Kuwait International Airport complex, as its primary operating location.