Situation in Gaza Strip Remains Tense with Little Chances of De-escalation Soon | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Situation in Gaza Strip Remains Tense with Little Chances of De-escalation Soon

Protests have been happening for more than two months by Palestinians along the Gaza Strips. Their demands: to be allowed to return home and to have their lands returned after the expulsion from 70 years ago.

Since the beginning of the protests on March 30th, Israeli forces have wounded more than 15 000 people and have killed as many as 135 Palestinians, according to the health officials in Gaza.

The situation in recent months has gone from bad worse, mostly due to the US President Donald Trump recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Palestinians are left to look for international support to stop what it sees as a destruction of its last hopes to defend their interests and to achieve statehood.

What makes the situation worse is that recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, as well as the move of the US, Guatemala and the soon-to-follow Uruguay embassies to the city show the complete abandonment of the Palestine Cause. The US, Israel, Saudi Arabia among others seek their own agendas in the region, they do not always contribute to the stability and long-lasting peace. The US and Israel provide no solution or real offer, just demands in the form close to an ultimatum that has no hope of being welcomed.

During the escalation, after the March 30th Israel carried strikes on Gaza on April 27th, May 4th, May 5th, May 11th, followed by one of the largest incidents after the recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel by the US. The most recent exchange happened on the July 14th when Israel sent an air raid and several rockets were targeted by Hamas at Israel.

On June 29th, Yasser Abu al-Naja, a 11-year-old boy who sustained a gunshot wound to the head was killed, announced by Ashraf al-Qidra, spokesperson for Gaza’s health ministry. Mohammad Fawzi Hamaydeh, 24, was also killed by a shot to the abdomen and foot by Israeli Forces. There were 415 wounded, 11 of whom children, 3 cases of injuries were severe.