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Narcotics: The Best-Known Afghan Business

The US-led invasion of Afghanistan has bred unprecedentedly favorable conditions for the country's drug business which is presently flourishing in the NATO-controlled oasis. While the Taliban banned opium cultivation, the Western coalition brought unchecked freedom to Afghanistan, the result being that opium production in the country has grown more than 40 times over since 2001.

To justify its inaction, the US claims that for the Afghan farmers poppy cultivation is the only way to make a living. In practice, the justification translates into ever greater license for various drug lords who amass fantastic riches at the cost of lives of Russian and European young people. Allegedly out of compassion for the disadvantaged Afghans, the US and its allies have turned Afghanistan into a giant drug factory.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember; where there is control of the drug trade in a country, where those drugs wind up is also controlled.