"The Ship That Won't Sink!"Landmark Conference | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

"The Ship That Won't Sink!"Landmark Conference

An all day live-streamed landmark conference bringing together for the first time superior authorities on two of America's most revealing events, the attack upon the USS Liberty and the attack upon the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Knowing the facts about these two events will prove:

The attack upon the USS Liberty was not a matter of mistaken identity, but rather an attempt to bring America into the Six-Day War on behalf of Israel by sinking the ship and blaming it on Egypt.

This attack has initiated an American undeclared state of war with Israel which has never been resolved.

All control points necessary to destroy the World Trade Center, damage the Pentagon, blame it on others, destroy the evidence, prevent investigations and litigation and maintain the myth, were and remain occupied by Zionists.

The mass media cartel, which is weaponized against the American people, has used its power to cover up attacks against America and to blame attacks against America upon the innocent to send U.S. troops to fight for Israel.

Our nation and states thereof have been overthrown by the entities that own the media and operate the unlawful monetary system.

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