Swamp on Verge of Swallowing Trump | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Swamp on Verge of Swallowing Trump

President Donald J. Trump’s is sinking into the swamp of the Washington, D.C., establishments of both political parties. Despite his previous best efforts, the snakes and alligators now seem on the verge of totally swallowing up and then devouring his presidency, much less him, his family, and associates personally.

First, there is the Judge Brett Kavanaugh fiasco. Having nominated a jurist who was pushed by the inside Washington Republican establishment and club, and who civil libertarians opposed, based on his past ruling in Klayman v. Obama, a landmark case that enjoined unconstitutional mass surveillance on the American people by the “Deep State”-run FBI and intel agencies, the president is now faced with a “catch 22” over pushing ahead to have Kavanaugh confirmed. On appeal, Kavanaugh issued a ruling which validated the government’s violation of Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches and seizures by spying on the citizenry without probable cause. Now, ironically, Kavanaugh’s rights to due process and the president’s right to pick his next nominee to the Supreme Court are in grave jeopardy.