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What is the Point of a Forever War in Iraq?

Basra, Iraq, was once the “Venice of the East,” a beautiful city of canals near the Persian Gulf. But on September 7, it was beleaguered by angry protests , some of which turned violent and left more than a dozen people dead before some measure of calm returned two days later.

The protesters’ grievances are many . Their province contains 70 percent of Iraq’s oil reserves, but 50 percent of the city lives in extreme poverty. Unemployment is high, corruption is rampant the in local government, and basic needs like consistent electricity—a must when temperatures regularly top 100—and clean tap water are going unmet.

The demonstrators set buildings ablaze , burning public offices and political party headquarters. The American diplomatic building at the Basra airport was targeted by rockets but ultimately not damaged. (Also, contrary to a statement from White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Iran was not responsible for this attack on U.S. facilities—protesters also burned the Iranian consulate, chanting, “Iran out!”) “The U.S. and Iran support rival Iraqi political groupings in a high-stakes battle to form a government after the May election threw up no clear winner,” The Wall Street Journal reports , and the protests in Basra suggest the people of Iraq don’t appreciate either nation’s interference in their affairs.