Iran Airs Video Of US Carrier Chased By Iranian Speedboats In Straits Of Hormuz | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Iran Airs Video Of US Carrier Chased By Iranian Speedboats In Straits Of Hormuz

As was widely expected, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's pleas for the US to "honor its international commitments" and "return to the negotiating table" during a speech at the UN General Assembly last week were promptly ignored. And with the full implementation of US oil sanctions in November rapidly approaching, Iran is already antagonizing the US as the regime hopes to spin the inevitable economic toll into a propaganda victory - if only to stave off another round of disruptive street protests that shook the country during the first weeks of 2018.

As tensions between the US and North Korea flared last summer, the media largely ignored several confrontations between Iranian Revolutionary Guard troops and US carriers, including a USS Nimitz-class carrier. The Trump Administration, of course, was eager to play down these incidents because they ran counter to its preferred narrative that the president's tough rhetoric had cowed the Iranians into reducing their ballistic missile tests and rolling back other generally disruptive behavior.

But in the Iranian regime's latest attempt to undercut this idea, a domestic television station has aired footage of an until-now unreported incident that occurred in March - a time when the Trump administration had insisted that these encounters had ceased - depicting IRGC ships and drones menacing a US carrier group centered around the USS Theodore Roosevelt in the all-important Strait of Hormuz. The footage was intended to be part of a documentary about the encounter set to air on Iranian television.