Staying in Syria is a good way to get into a bad war with Iran | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Staying in Syria is a good way to get into a bad war with Iran

Syria’s seven-year civil war is likely in its final act. A single province remains under insurgent control and strongman President Bashar al-Assad is, with Russian and Iranian support, steadily regaining power. While not eliminated, what’s left of the Islamic State has lost nearly all its territory to Assad and shifted its focus elsewhere.

The Syrian regime’s final assault on the rebel stronghold of Idlib province may not be complete for some time — the region is teeming with local civilians and refugees, raising international alarm over further humanitarian crisis — but make no mistake, Damascus is winning.

What, then, for the United States? Washington maintains about 2,000 American boots on the ground in Syria. They’re tasked with fighting ISIS and supporting Syrian militias and despite President Trump’s occasional expression of desire to bring these troops home, there is no evidence they’ll leave Syrian soil anytime soon. “We’re not going to talk timelines,” Army Col. Thomas Veale told Task & Purpose in June. Syria “is a conditions-based campaign, right here and the condition is — as very clearly stated — the annihilation of ISIS.”