Project Veritas Exposes TN Senate WannaBe – Phil Bredesen | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Project Veritas Exposes TN Senate WannaBe – Phil Bredesen

Phil Bredesen, Democrat, TN. believes he is going to be part of the “blue wave”. I seriously doubt, short of vote rigging, there would be a blue wave of any size. There could be, however, a red tsunami that washes clean the entire lot of “socialist democrats”. Let’s not forget how Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Mazie Hirono (Hawaii), Eric Holder and Cory Booker have all said that “pushing back”, “kick them”, “shut up” and “smear” are part of their messaging to the democratic base. Maybe not for you, but for me all these words and phrases these democratic “leaders” are using are nothing short of a call to violence.

Delaney Brown, Field Organizer, Phil Bredesen Campaign explained how she feels about Bredesen’s alleged dishonesty to the voters;

I know I’m going to be pissed off if this doesn’t pay off. If we lose, I’m going to be so mad. Because not only did he forfeit a lot of moral high ground…If it’s by a small margin…That’s the base.

Right there is everything I need to know. The moral compass is broken as stated by Delaney Brown. Why does she need to wait and see if there is a victory or not to proclaim moral high ground? The moral high ground, by her own admission, is already lost – sold out for potential votes.