Religious Vegan Parents Convicted in Starvation Death of Son | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Religious Vegan Parents Convicted in Starvation Death of Son

Nearly five years after religious parents starved their toddler to death, a jury found Jennifer and Jeromie Clark guilty of criminal negligence causing death. The jury in Calgary, Canada also convicted the parents with failing to provide the necessities of life-related to the child’s death. At the time of death, the child suffered from a rash, gangrene, hypothermia, and a staph infection. Jennifer and Jeromie Clark, Seventh Day Adventists, had never taken the child to see a doctor. They only brought 14-month-old John to the hospital the day before he died. The parents starved the child to death with a strict vegan diet.

According to multiple reports, in November 2013, Jennifer and Jeromie Clark brought their son, John, to a local hospital. Doctors that treated John testified he had blisters on 70% of his body, gangrene on four toes, hypothermia, and a staph infection.

During the trial, a pediatric doctor specializing in infectious disease, Dr. Tajdin Jadavji, told the jury the 14-month old boy didn’t crawl or pull himself up. John had numerous developmental delays, but the parents never took him to see a doctor.