PA is ‘deliberating’ on marginalising the Palestinian people | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

PA is ‘deliberating’ on marginalising the Palestinian people

With the US set to reveal details of the “Deal of the Century” in the forthcoming days, the Palestinian Central Council scheduled time for “deliberation upon important matters” to arrive at stale conclusions which highlight the Palestinian Authority’s penchant for presenting past recommendations as purportedly new stances.

It took the Council two days of debate to reiterate its support for Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas’ rejection of US President Donald Trump’s “Deal of the Century”, to call, yet again, for an international peace conference and adherence to the Arab Peace Initiative of 2002, end security coordination with Israel and suspend recognition of the State of Israel, as well as blame Hamas over Gaza’s deterioration.

The twelfth clause in the Council’s statement will ensure that the PA will not be taken seriously by Palestinians. “The Central Council stresses the adherence to our right to resist the occupation by all means in accordance with international law.”