Russia-Israel crisis deepens after latest IAF strike in Syria | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Russia-Israel crisis deepens after latest IAF strike in Syria

Moscow was raging mad and the Russian liaison officers at the Hmeimim base in Syria were furious with their Israeli counterparts after the IAF's recent attack in Syria, which was confirmed this week by a source in Jerusalem. The source sought to show Israeli determination and put on a false display of the IDF resuming normal activity in Syria against Iranian targets. But the story behind this aerial attack shows the extent of the crisis between Russia and Israel, which began with the downing of a Russian spy plane, and to which no solution has been found so far.

According to reports on social media in the Middle East, where users monitor military activity in Syria, the Israeli air strike took place more than a month ago, after Russia blamed Israel for the deaths of 15 air crew and intelligence personnel aboard the intelligence plane, which was shot down by Syrian aerial defense.

It's safe to assume that the attack was aimed at testing the Russian response in an attempt to assess the extent of the crisis between Moscow and Jerusalem. The attack was carried out in daylight, and the Russians were given early warning. This time, too, the Syrians fired anti-aircraft missiles in all directions.