George Papadopoulos - a central figure and self-admitted dupe in the Obama administration's targeted spying on the Trump campaign, gave a wide-ranging interview to Dan Bongino on Friday, detailing what he claims to have been a setup by deep state operatives across the world in order to ultimately infiltrate the Trump campaign.

Reviewing events

In March 2016, Maltese professor Joseph Mifsud told Papadopoulos - an energy consultant who had recently joined the Trump campaign - that Russia had "dirt" on Hillary Clinton, a claim which Papadopoulos repeated in May 2016 to Australian diplomat Alexander Downer in a London bar. Of note, former FBI Assistant Director of counterintelligence, Bill Priestap, reportedly traveled to London directly before Downer met with Papadopoulos, while a few months later former FBI agent Peter Strzok met with Downer in London directly before the DOJ officially launched their investigation into the Trump campaign.

For everyone following closely: the same days I meet Joseph Mifsud, Peter Strzok texts Lisa Page about his overseas contact:
“his guy talking now.” Now new info shows that Strzok’s boss, Priestrap, was in London the day before Downer begins to try and set me up. Coincidence?

— George Papadopoulos (@GeorgePapa19) November 4, 2018
Also, Congress needs to further understand why Bill Priestap, Strzok’s boss, flew into London the day before I meet Downer. Was downer being run by our intel? I believe so.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

2016 and its aftermath, was, undoubtedly, one of the most crooked US campaigns I have seen the Democrats pursue this lifetime; and at 69, I have seen a few!

Not that there haven't been miscreants from the Republican side in a number of elections.

Yesterday in church, I publicly lifted up a prayer asking for an elevation of the tone in this year's campaign through its conclusion.

And I was motivated to do that, in watching a clip, which repeated, ad nauseum, of one of Florida Democratic Governor-candidate's interns screaming obscenities at Republic workers on her college campus, culminating in chocolate milk being thrown at them by the intern.. Gillum Intern arrested for throwing chocolate milk at college Republicans

It appears that whatever she is studying is an absolute, pathetic waste; otherwise, she would understand that this is the kind of behaviour one associates with primates, but absolutely not with truly self-actualized human beings.

Why Chimpanzees throw poop at us.

So THIS is the future of this country, where conflict resolution consists of throwing obscenities, followed by food, at someone with whose politics you don't agree?!?

IF that is what what Representative Maxine Waters wanted, when she talked about "confrontation, then congratulations, my dear, your wish has been fulfilled, and by a Sister Democrat, no less!!

You should immediately build a shrine dedicated to her in your living room (In tony LA's Brentwood, I believe, which is not even remotely close to the district you allegedly represent) where you can worship this person, and all who consider her a heroine, because they have taken your comments, or will take them... literally.

But I must also add a caveat on this to President Trump, who found the issue of a reporter getting badly injured in a body-slam, funny. President Trump finds reporter injured by a body slam, funny

Mr. Trump, as someone who is recovering from a compression spinal fracture, and experiencing her 11th month of convalescence from the time of the initiating event, I can assure you that this is anything but funny.

So to all my brother and sister Americans either poised to vote, or who have already voted, no matter your party affiliation please: cage the rage!! You are being duped, bamboozled, and are getting misdirected from the genuine, and pressing issues which really concern all of us this year, going into 2019.