Former Deputy AG Joins Goldman Legal Team As 1MDB Criminal Charges Loom | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Former Deputy AG Joins Goldman Legal Team As 1MDB Criminal Charges Loom

With federal prosecutors finally handing down indictments in the long-running 1MDB probe, the Vampire Squid is lawyering up. And in typical Goldman fashion, the investment bank is hiring only the best, most politically-connected defense attorneys to join its legal team.

As the DOJ was preparing to file the first batch of federal charges against two former Goldman employees accused of conspiring to steal money and violate foreign anti-bribery laws, the investment bank retained Mark Filip, a prominent defense attorney and former deputy attorney general who was once the boss of the DOJ's head of criminal investigations. For those who are unfamiliar with the DOJ's depth chart, that's the division tasked with overseeing the case against the two former Goldman managing directors, a case that the bank warned could lead to criminal charges against senior employees, or maybe even the bank itself.

According to the Financial Times, the bank hired Filip in the months before the charges, which were filed last week, became public. By bringing on Filip, the bank has put Brian Benczkowski, the DOJ's criminal division chief, in a tough spot. Because back when Filip was a deputy AG, Benczkowski was his chief of staff. This obvious conflict of interest will likely force Benczkowski ro recuse himself from the case, creating disarray in the senior ranks of the DOJ.