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Focus on precision: Putin urges ramping up of production of ‘smart’ missiles and artillery shells

Russia must ramp up production of high-precision missiles and artillery shells, President Vladimir Putin said. Smart munitions can do the job more effectively than their “dumb” counterparts – and even save on the costs.
“We definitely need, not the notorious ‘slugs’, but ‘smart’ and highly precise munitions instead, which expand the capabilities of both existing and prospective weapon systems, and, I stress, can save funds considerably,” Putin said on Thursday, speaking at a meeting with industry representatives and top military officers.

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FILE PHOTO. MiG-31 fighter jet carries Kinzhal hypersonic missile. © Alexey NikolskiyPutin teases new arms: Lasers & hypersonic missiles in service, but ‘that’s not all’
Russian munitions plants make a wide variety of products which must satisfy the defensive needs of the country both in quantity and quality. High-precision munitions actually save the defense budget, as their usage allows to be done what earlier “could have been achieved only by expensive weapon systems,” Putin stated.

Focusing on manufacturing high precision munitions – which obviously take longer to produce – should go along with modernization of production lines. “We should strive to shorten the technological cycle of missile and munition production,” the president said.

Moscow has indeed focused on the development of high-precision weapons in recent years. Such systems can get the job done without using overwhelming force and inflicting unnecessary collateral damage.

Many such weapons were battle-tested during the counter-terrorism campaign in Syria, namely cruise and tactical ballistic missiles, as well as Krasnopol laser-guided artillery shells.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Would that American politicians were delivering the same message to its military industrial complex.

Unfortunately for Americans, is the reality that weapons manufacturers in this country contribute lavishly - both covertly and overtly - to both sides of the aisle, so there is never any real pressure for quality, forward-thinking, and cost-effective weaponry, which leaves this country every more vulnerable by the day.