Trump’s Stance on Saudi Arabia is Terrible (But Still Correct) | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Trump’s Stance on Saudi Arabia is Terrible (But Still Correct)

President Trump’s recent statement on Saudi Arabia was, in some ways, just as terrible as his worst critics made it out to be. You can’t listen to the president essentially ignore evidence that implicates Mohammad bin Salman in the reprehensible murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi without feeling a twinge of moral disgust. There is literally no doubt in the world that MBS was in the know (if not directly responsible) for Khashoggi’s death, and for President Trump to sweep it under the rug makes for an unfortunate black mark on our national integrity.

And yet, he’s making the only decision he can.

Lawmakers and pundits who have no direct skin in the game can afford to ride their high horses and accuse the president of all manner if ethical and strategic mistakes. They aren’t the ones sitting in the Oval Office with our national security and our collective future at stake. Trump is. He must do what is right – not always in the absolute sense of the word, but always, always in the interests of the United States as a nation.