Netanyahu’s predicament is that the era of easy wars is over | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Netanyahu’s predicament is that the era of easy wars is over

When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered his army to carry out a limited operation in the besieged Gaza Strip on 12 November, he certainly did not anticipate that his military adventure would destabilise his government and threaten the very survival of his right-wing coalition. However, it did, far more than the multiple police investigations into various corruption cases involving Netanyahu’s family and closest aides have done.

Thanks to the botched operation in Gaza, which led to the killing of seven Palestinians and an Israeli army commander, Netanyahu’s coalition has begun to disintegrate. It just needs a final push for it to collapse completely.

It all began with the resignation of the country’s extremist Defence Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, who quit his post, two days after the Gaza attack, in protest at the country’s “surrender” to Palestinian resistance. The even more extreme far-right leader Naftali Bennett was expected to pounce on the opportunity and follow suit. He did not, in a calculated move aimed at capitalising on the fact that he had suddenly become the government’s ultimate kingmaker.

Now, Netanyahu’s once stable coalition is hanging by a thread, with the support of only 61 members in the Knesset. This means that his once comfortable majority is now dependent on a single MK. One wrong move, and Netanyahu could find himself forced into a snap General Election, a choice that, at least for now, he dreads.