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Operation Northern Shield: Israel’s new wars

Israel announced yesterday morning a military and engineering operation, which it dubbed “Operation Northern Shield”, aimed at destroying what it alleges are offensive tunnels belonging to the Lebanese resistance group, Hezbollah, on the border with Lebanon. This operation represents Israel’s new approach to war, which has been Israel’s favourite in recent years. It calls this approach “the War Between Wars” (WBW) which involves fighting battles with limited goals and avoids direct confrontation, instead relying on intelligence. It focuses on air force and special forces operations in a manner in line with the army’s 2015 strategic document. Why WBW and why “Operation Northern Shield”?

The Northern Shield and WBW operations are generally an Israeli security response to Israel’s deep strategic constraints and problems related to the lack of strategic depth, especially in the era of unconventional rockets possessed by its enemy, represented by the resistance organisation in Palestine and Lebanon. This is also a response to the declining Israeli human capabilities, such as the number and capabilities of recruits, and the morale and ability to persevere and be patient during wars and attacks. This was clearly shown in the protests and fleeing of the residents of the Gaza envelope settlements as a reaction to the incendiary balloons and paper planes created by the Palestinians in Gaza. Therefore, Israel believes that by waging a WBW, such as “Operation Northern Shield”, it will not pay a heavy price.