The relentless censorship of anti-Zionist Jews | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The relentless censorship of anti-Zionist Jews

Tony Greenstein is slowly but surely being disappeared from the internet. A renowned anti-Zionist Jew who has long been active in the Palestine solidarity movement and on the wider political left, Greenstein is being censored by powerful American internet companies. In the latest incident, his account on Twitter has been “suspended”, the company’s misleading euphemism for “deleted”.

This means that not only is Greenstein no longer allowed to post on the influential social media platform, but also that everything he ever posted on Twitter is no longer available to view. Go onto Twitter now and type in @TonyGreenstein – his former “handle” – and you’ll see nothing but a cryptic message.

His forced disappearance is yet another reminder of the incredible power that a handful of Silicon Valley companies has over our de facto online public spaces. Increasingly, these near-monopolies side with the anti-Palestinian, pro-Israel apartheid narrative. That very much seems to have been the case with Tony Greenstein’s “suspension” from Twitter.