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Brother Of Saudi Billionaire Prince Alwaleed Re-arrested

Among the more notable geopolitical events that took place last week, and which was swept away by the chaos in the capital markets, was Thursday's surprising announcement of a Saudi cabinet reshuffle that moved around some of the key players in the Khashoggi murder scandal (most notably the chief Saudi diplomat, Adel al-Jubeir) and removed Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf al Saud as the Kingdom's ambassador to the UK.

As a result of the reshuffle, more liberals and progressives will move into positions of power, suggesting that it could be part of the Kingdom's plan to move ahead with its 'liberalizing' reforms to try and rehabilitate MbS's tarnished reputation as a reformer. Amid the reshuffle, the king also ordered the creation of a new political and security council (presumably to help protect his chosen successor's flank) and - in a move that is reminiscent of a controversial decision made by President Trump this year - establishes a new Saudi space agency.

The biggest change was the apparent demotion of al-Jubeir to the lesser position of minister of state for foreign affairs and moving Ibrahim al-Assaf, formerly the kingdom's finance minister, to the foreign affairs role. Al-Jubeir who was one of the kingdom's key liaisons with western media during its response to Khashoggi's killing and played an important role in the Saudis PR response to the Khashoggi killing, in addition to being a stalwart supporter of the Crown Prince.

But perhaps an even more prominent event took place just ahead of the reshuffle, when on Wednesday the London-based Al-Quds Al-Arabi reported that Saudi authorities have re-arrested the brother of billionaire Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal just days following the death of their "reformist" father, after Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the arrest of Khalid bin Talal.

"The arrest took place on Tuesday night and until Wednesday evening Khaled was not released despite some promises," the report said according to The New Arab.


posted as fact?


come on

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"reportedly" re-arrested


to be clear - Saudi authorities have "reportedly" re-arrested

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--- report according to "The New Arab".

"The New Arab" is quoting another site's "report"

"London-based Al-Quds Al-Arabi reported

The linked post is in written in Arabic

about Al Quds Al Arabi

Headquarters London

founded in 1989 The paper first came to global attention after Atwan traveled to Afghanistan in 1996 to interview Osama bin Laden.[3
The fat?w? of Osama bin Laden in 1996 were first published in the paper.

OBL was CIA at the time btw

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