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Costa Rican Govt Approves US Occupation

In another example of the growing militarization of the war on drugs, the Costa Rican government has given the US permission to launch an invasion of up to 7,000 Marines, ostensibly to “fight drugs.”

Indeed, it appears that the only reason the nation is in America’s sights at all is because it is geographically so narrow, and an occupation of it could provide a convenient choke-point for blocking drugs from South America reaching Mexico and eventually, the United States, by land.

Under the terms of the agreement, US troops “will enjoy freedom of movement and the right to carry out any activities needed to fulfill their mission.” In addition to the ground troops, the US will be deploying 46 warships and hundreds of helicopters.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, the US is deploying 7,000 Marines, 46 warships, and hundreds of helicopters to....Costa Rica?!? To allegedly "fight drugs"?!?

Meanwhile, thousands of illegal aliens, "muleing" drugs, walk across our southern border every day with the blessing and protection of the Obama administration.

This is not about drugs: this is about having a full-fledged US expeditionary force prepositioned to send against some South American leader who is not behaving as he has been told to behave by the US.

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez comes to mind.

The US is now fighting a war on two fronts, which makes it a world war.