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Russia Charges US Citizen With Espionage

After he was purportedly arrested while "carrying out an act of espionage", Russia has formally indicted US citizen Paul Whelan, a 48-year-old US Marine and security contractor, for being a spy, according to a report in Russian news agency Interfax being cited by US media.

Whelan was arrested by Russia’s security services Dec. 28 while in Moscow on a personal trip. Whelan's Russian lawyer Vladimir Zherebenkov, who was appointed to represent him, said earlier Thursday that the American will remain in custody in Moscow until the end of February.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I sense that this guy is the "bargaining chip" Moscow is using to press the US into releasing Maria Butina, who was arrested and charged with infiltration; apparently, While not confirmed, there is a very interesting story, reported by on 31 December:

American "spy" captured by the Russians may be "payback" for the arrest and incarceration of Maria Butina