Gov. Newsom Plans for a California Without Whites | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Gov. Newsom Plans for a California Without Whites

When Newsom started his inauguration speech, he was quick to remind everyone there would be no future for white men, saying, “Every dream depends on the dreamers. It is up to us to renew the California Dream for a new generation. And now more than ever, it is up to us to defend it.” White children are already a minority in California and have been for many years. With white children representing 27% of people under the age of 18, it’s still too large for Newsom to handle. How did he come to think this way some may ask? Newsom reminisces about the time when, “I went to San Diego and met volunteers providing relief to desperate migrants who others treat like criminals—like the 3 year-old girl, just a year older than my youngest, at a shelter who captured my heart.” I’m sure many normal white American households have had a family outing to the local petting zoo. Turns out being around dirty animals all day is far too low class for the son of a powerful judge. How would he ever explain getting his $10,000 pair of shoes dirty to his film maker wife or her investment fund manager father? Instead of seeing cute animals at petting zoos, the rich elite would rather take a trip down to the local refugee and migrant shelter to pet the crying brown children.