Another Gigantic Undersea Volcano Found Off Coast of Indonesia | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Another Gigantic Undersea Volcano Found Off Coast of Indonesia

Now, this illustrates one of the problems with the global warming alarmists theories, because they claim to know for a certainty how much humans contribute to global warming.

But in order to have an accurate figure for the human contribution to the temperature of the oceans and atmosphere, you need to be able to subtract out all other factors.

So, how many active undersea volcanoes are there in the world?

Don't worry that you don't know; it is a trick question. Nobody has that answer, as today's story illustrates.

So, if the number of undersea volcanoes pouring heat into the oceans and from the oceans into the atmosphere are unknown, then it is impossible to estimate what the human contributions might be.

All the models for climate that claim to show human caused global warming are relatively simple. They do not take into account fluctuations in undersea volcanoes, because again, nobody knows how many there are. The models do not take into account fluctuations in the heat generated inside the Earth by radioactive decay, and they certainly do not take into account fluctuations in solar energy. The computer models used by the AGW experts are designed to "prove" that humans cause global warming, and because they do not model reality that includes changes in the sun and volcanoes, their results do not reflect reality, only the desired outcome. Remember that the same experts and models were predicting an ice age back in the 1970s.

The fact is that if one plots the number of sunspots on the sun against global temperature, one finds a far stronger correlation than with the arctic ice core CO2. And data from NASA spacecraft showed the temperatures of the other planets rising and falling right alongside that of Earth, again suggesting that the sun is what drives global warming and cooling.

But as for today's story about the newly discovered undersea volcano proves, the experts do not have all the available facts about the Earth yet. Hence they are operating with incomplete data.