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Group to oppose President Obama's Mideast policy

The new committee declined to disclose its funding — as a 501(c)(4) advocacy organization, it isn’t required to — but said it had raised enough to air its first ad, starting this week, on Fox and CNN and during a Philadelphia Phillies game. The ad attacks Sestak for signing a letter criticizing Israel’s blockade of Gaza while not signing a defense of Israel circulated by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and for appearing at a fundraiser for the Council on American Islamic Relations, which it describes as an “anti-Israel organization the FBI called a ‘front group for Hamas.’”

CAIR denied the 2008 allegation, and no charges were ever brought against it.

“Does Congressman Joe Sestak understand Israel is America’s ally?” asks the ad’s narrator.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to thinking Americans: Israel is not the US's friend in any way, shape or form, and never has been. The US has, unfortunately, been Israel's "useful idiot" from the moment Israel was founded.

It is a apartheid regime which does not want peace with Palestinians, but wants more territory by any means necessary.

Those people who hold political office in the US who put Israel first, second, and third in their considerationsneed to be voted out of office as quickly as humanly possible.

Those people in the media who put Israel first, second, and third in their blatantly biased corporate media exposure should be shunned as though they were kryptonite.