Turkey, China help Iran on fuel supplies after "US bite" | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Turkey, China help Iran on fuel supplies after "US bite"

Friendly powers in the international arena are helping Iran get fuel supplies after the U.S. passed unilateral sanctions a week ago that aim to hinder Tehran's fuel imports.

The Islamic Republic is buying around half of its July gasoline imports from Turkey and the rest from Chinese sellers, oil traders said on Thursday, as most other suppliers have stopped selling due to the U.S. sanctions.

Two of the gasoline cargoes coming from Turkey were scheduled to load from Turkish refiner Tupras' Izmit refinery, while two or three were scheduled to load from Tupras' Izmir refinery, sources said. The cargoes would be loaded load onto ships owned by the state energy giant National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), they added.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Although I would doubt that the US military would attempt to board either Turkish or Chinese ships, I don't think that Washington would have any qualms about having our military board one of the Iranian Oil Company's ships.

We'll see; I wonder just when these ships originally left port, and what the estimated time of arrival will be in Iran.