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BREXIT NEWS: Brussels WILL CAVE in to UK on THIS date with ‘substantial concession’

With EU elections looming, any counter-offer would have to be substantial enough to avoid any more “back and forth”, allowing members states to focus on their number one concern: immigration. The favourite option today is to support a recent Polish compromise of placing a time limit – possibly five years – on the Irish backstop, it was claimed. The mood within the European Commission is frosty, with many exasperated that Mrs May failed to deliver the deal she had promised to get through Parliament.

However, privately, many European diplomats express personal admiration for the Prime Minister’s tenacity and ability to survive.

And there is a realisation that her “Teflon” shell may well see her fend off the Cooper amendment – aimed at forcing the Government to seek an extension to Article 50 if it cannot agree a deal with the EU.

If that happens, it would leave Brussels with the real prospect of a no-deal within just five weeks unless compromise can be found. While France may be leading the hardest charge for no quarter given, cracks are showing within the so-called Franco- German axis.

In Berlin, pressure is mounting among parliamentarians in the Bundestag to avoid the economic shocks a no-deal would cause, and it is this message that is being listened to by Chancellor Angela Merkel.