CLINCEVIC: God forbid that Poseidon ever gets used! | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

CLINCEVIC: God forbid that Poseidon ever gets used!

Russia will not necessarily respond in a reciprocal way in case of deploying weapons to space in other countries, because it can destroy these facilities in case of threats from the Earth, said a member of the Committee on Defense and Security of the Council of the Federation, Franc Klincevic.
Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier stated that Moscow's response to the US decision to leave the Mediation and Short Range Agreement would be reciprocal - Russia will suspend participation in the Agreement and begin research and development work on new rocket systems. He also asked the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defense to inform him about how the potential threat could be neutralized in connection with the plans of some countries to place weapons in the cosmos.

"As for the plans of many countries to deploy weapons in space, there is no need for a reciprocal answer, although this is not excluded. All these so-called cosmic objects will be targeted on our side with a guarantee of complete destruction, "Klincevic said.

According to him, Russia's decision to withdraw from the Agreement in response to the US move is "a completely natural answer" to the US decision to suspend its participation in the Agreement.
"Of course, he did not speak (Putin) about all of our plans, but that's enough to understand - the United States is taking an obviously unwise move that does not ensure their security at all. For example, unmanned Poseidon underwater weapons, which has no analogues in the world, are almost ready to use. This is a weapon of terrible devastation of power, and do not let God ever be used, "Klincevic emphasized.