Israel’s Jewish Home party appoints Bennett replacement | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Israel’s Jewish Home party appoints Bennett replacement

Israel’s Jewish Home party has appointed a new head to replace Education Minister Naftali Bennett, months after he broke away to form the New Right party.

Jewish Home’s Central Committee yesterday selected Rafi Peretz, a 63-year-old former chief rabbi of the Israeli army, as the party’s new chairman ahead of the General Election on 9 April. Peretz has been described by a member of his own party as “clearly nationalist ultra-Orthodox,” according to Haaretz, making him “much more conservative” than the already conservative Bennett.

Speaking after his appointment yesterday, Peretz slammed his predecessor and Israel’s Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked for abandoning Jewish Home, though he stopped short of mentioning them by name. “There are those who think that our house is old,” he explained. “Not shiny enough. Not adaptable enough. They walk through it, enter for a short period, enjoy it, use it and continue on their way.”

The new party leader added that in his home there is belief in the people of Israel, the Torah of Israel and the land of Israel. “In our home, we are proud of this belief. In our home we walk with that belief with our heads held high and do not try to hide it.”