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Hiring The Diversity Commissar

In this great book The Demon In Democracy: Totalitarian Temptations in Free Societies, the Polish intellectual Ryszard Legutko discusses how under communism, the whole of life became politicized. He writes:

At the peak of communist domination, when culture was in the grip of the doctrine called socialist realism, it was officially proclaimed that nothing in the human world would not have an ideological dimension. … Anything that existed, not only materially, but also as thought or a seemingly harmless folly of imagination, could be non-mistakenly identified as correct or incorrrect, bourgeois or proletarian, revolutionary of counterrevolutionary, socialist or antisocialist, materialistic or idealistic, progressive or regressive. This practically put an end to any form of intellectual argumentation. No one argued, but either accused someone of ideological treason or defended himself against such a charge.

If all of life is to be brought into harmony with socialist ideals, then it followed that the state would need servants to spread the ideological message, and ensure compliance.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sounds a lot like political correctness!