The “Hate Crime” Against Jussie Smollett | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The “Hate Crime” Against Jussie Smollett

This alleged hate crime was readily believed by the mainstream media, and Smollett was lionized as a noble victim. Unsurprisingly, this story seemed fishy right from the start. First, it was the contradictory reports that the Chicago Police didn’t know about the “MAGA country” remark. Then came the hunt for video evidence of the attack, which didn’t turn up any footage of the actual assault. The only thing that came from thousands of hours of camera footage on multiple streets that the police reviewed are two suspicious dark shapes walking on the opposite side of the street from Smollett.

Smollett was captured on video for all but sixty seconds. After the sixty seconds where he disappeared into an alley, Smollett reappears with a noose hanging around his neck like a tie. That’s an awfully short amount of time to suffer such a severe attack.

More fishy details have continued to emerge. Smollett’s manager claimed he was on the phone with his client during most of the attack and heard the “MAGA country” remark. That wasn’t initially in the police report, and, most suspiciously of all, Smollett and his manager refused to hand over their phone records to police.

Smollett decided to add another element to his story that reinforced the idea that the whole thing was a fabrication. As he returned to the stage after the supposed attack, Smollett bragged that he “fought the fuck back” against his attackers. That seems impossible considering his story and that he kept a cellphone in his hand throughout the entire assault.