Washington’s Perilous Regime Change in Venezuela Won’t Work Out as Planned | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Washington’s Perilous Regime Change in Venezuela Won’t Work Out as Planned

As the cult of regime change in Washington walks farther and farther down a destructive path where they see one another only, and as their new adventure in Venezuela points for yet another geopolitical and humanitarian disaster, just like what happened in Syria and Yemen, they will end up having abandoned some of their self-styled fundamental claims about morality, human rights, respect for fundamental norms of international law.

In making their pitch, they have forced more than a dozen European countries to recognize the head of Venezuela’s National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, as the country’s legitimate president. In lockstep with the US, Guaidó has asserted that the time for dialogue is over. His intransigent opposition to negotiations is perhaps another reason to question his motives. This comes despite continued United Nations, Chinese and Russian support for Nicolás Maduro’s government and national dialogue.

There is no question that Venezuelans are suffering and some even want to see a change in governance. But that has to come through national dialogue and democratic means and not foreign-instigated regime change campaign that they know fully well will be disastrous. Guaidó stands firm in rejecting dialogue and has not even ruled out a possible call for US military invasion on his behalf. Is this an acceptable norm for a leader who should leave no stone unturned to save his nation from war devestation. Many continue to identify as Chavista, and even those who have shed this identification continue to acknowledge that the Bolivarian Revolution once improved their livelihoods - and could do again. They also support dialogue, because it is a much better option than the current US plan to starve Venezuelans into revolt by applying crippling economic sanctions and military intervention.