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What the President Should Have Said

Let us imagine I had received a telegram from the White House, delivered by Western Union messenger riding a bicycle, requesting me to draft some remarks for the president for the occasion. Here’s what I would have him say:

Once again, the Left-wingers who run the Democratic Party have refused to defend America and its citizens from invasion. They demand that we leave our southern border open to anyone who wants to cross. Millions of people have come here illegally across the border and the Democrats want millions more to do so.

The American people need to understand why the Democrats want open borders. It is not because they want to be nice to little children. The Democrats have a strategy for taking and keeping power in this country. That strategy is to flood the country with immigrants whom they will register to vote, whether they are legal or illegal immigrants. They expect those immigrants to vote Democratic so they can swamp the votes of native-born Americans in a sea of immigrant votes. They plan to make every American a stranger in his own country. They want to make foreigners the real rulers through a corrupted ballot box.