Senator Warren Calls for End of US Support of War Crimes in Yemen | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Senator Warren Calls for End of US Support of War Crimes in Yemen

A starker reality is that the US has aided and abetted a criminal, genocidal war against Yemen, mostly carried out by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and several allies. From the beginning, this war has been a nexus of war crimes that included using cluster bombs on civilian targets, such as weddings, funerals, hospitals, and schools. The US was involved from the start in selecting those and other targets. The US provided intelligence, maintenance, mid-air refueling, and support for a naval blockade (an act of war) that helped starve a country that has always needed to import food to survive.

There has never been any justification for the US to unleash this carnage on Yemen. In 2014-2015, the native Houthis won a civil war and regained control of that part of Yemen they had previously controlled for hundreds of years. The internationally-imposed “legitimate” government fled to Saudi Arabia. Further Houthi expansion was limited by a variety of forces that included government loyalists, al Qaeda and ISIS enclaves, independent militias, and tribal resistance. Yemen might have been left to sort itself out (the Houthis did eliminate al Qaeda and ISIS from their area of control). In 2015, Yemen posed no serious threat to anyone other than itself.

But the Saudis were sulking, not only because they lost their puppet government in Yemen, but more so because the US was actually treating Iran as a sovereign nation capable of behaving responsibly under the proper circumstances. The US was joining in the multilateral agreement that has so far halted Iran’s development of nuclear weapons.

So when Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) floated the idea of low-risk bombing of helpless people, the Obama administration collectively shrugged and said in effect: sure, why not, and we’ll even help you commit the international crime of waging aggressive war against a neighboring country in the midst of a civil war. And that’s what the US did.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yes, I know, I frequently link to images of dead, maimed children; their horrible death by malnutrition, and death by (possibly weaponized) cholera.

President Obama was always the clever, shifty one, who managed to state his case so poetically in prose, if coverage of the Yemen war got any press at all in the US, that you never, ever, would have considered him as a war criminal, when in fact, he was.

I will say the same thing about President Trump, who has massively allowed the Saudi Army to buy all kinds of arms and munitions to continue this genocide in Yemen, and is, because of this continuation in Obama's footprints, also a war criminal.

I am encouraged that Senator Warren has called for an end to this nightmare; but we need other voices in Congress to do that same, and initiate a bullet-proof, veto-proof-piece of legislation, which spells out the US pulling out of this mission, militarily, forever.