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Pulwama attack and finger-pointing at Pakistan

Prussian King Fredrick the great with many accomplished military victories under his belt is said to have commented that “the most experienced in his army was a mule who had participated in every campaign but was none the wiser for that experience.” At times strategic success is not the reward of the winner’s capabilities but incompetence of the losers. India is fast losing Kashmir and despite the writing on the wall none of the military commanders appointed over the years in Occupied Kashmir have been able to tell the policy-makers in Delhi about the futility of their Kashmir policy. State oppression and terrorism has been the name of the game in occupied Kashmir and when one young man rises up to blunt that state oppression being perpetrated on the people of his community in the Indian state doesn’t look inward at its mistakes and follies but outward and at its neighbour — a punching bag that it considers it can utilise to beat its frustrations and divert the world’s attention.