The Pentagon is developing a new strategy to fight against Russia and China | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The Pentagon is developing a new strategy to fight against Russia and China

PENTAGON is developing a new strategy for waging war against powerful states such as Russia and China, and its main peculiarity will be in secret penetration into the depths of the enemy's territory - said elite US general David Goldfine.

He is the head of the US Air Force Headquarters, and in a speech he gave at the Brookings Research Institute in Washington, he further revealed and explained:

"The new strategy is a reaction to threats from Russia and China. Work on it will last a year. And the realization of what is determined will require $ 135 billion. The essence of the strategy will be to strike at the weak points of the opponent by avoiding confrontation with his strong sides. "

Goldfine said the implementation of the strategies would involve the involvement of all generations of US armed forces, and that F-35 will play the main role as the "coordinating headquarters".

The US general estimated:

"The strategy will bring fundamental changes both on the cultural and technical level, and will give our units an asymmetrical advantage over opponents."

The US media report that the general has indicated that the new strategy will resemble the "trojan horse tactics" but did not reveal any details.

And he did not answer the question: how will the US implement this strategy, given that China and Russia possess modern weapons that are competitive with the US.