‘Suicide’ of Anthrax Scientist–Another Mossad Frame Up? | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

‘Suicide’ of Anthrax Scientist–Another Mossad Frame Up?

The last week of July, all across America could be heard an almost audible sigh of relief as headlines blared the news on the hour every hour that ‘he’ had finally been caught, the ‘he’ in this case being the infamous bioterrorist (unknown and unnamed up to this point) who sent deadly anthrax through the US mail system a mere week after the attacks of 9/11, leading to the deaths of 5.

What should have been heard across America however was a disquieting ‘hmmmm,’ as Americans scratched their heads and pondered the likelihood that the story being fed them concerning the ‘suicide’ of Ft. Dietrich bioweapons lab scientist Bruce E. Ivins was just another in a long string of lies, that it was not a suicide at all, but rather just one more cog in a Zionist-organized cover-up that has continued now for almost 7 years, beginning with 9/11.